Responsible Use of Agricultural Chemicals

This is important for all farmers or plant lovers! As we all know, keeping your plants happy and healthy is vital to have successful growth and quality results, and to do so, using agricultural chemicals is the only way. They protect your plants from harmful pests and diseases, so you won’t have to lose any of your plants or crops. However, the reason you need to listen up is, improper use of agricultural chemicals could result in accidental poisoning, pollution, or severe damage to beneficial insects, animals, or even people. Anyone using these chemicals should be aware of the responsible ways you should use these chemicals. Want to learn how to use agricultural chemicals responsibly and safely? Below is the how-to-guide on keeping your crops safe.

Training Courses
The best advice is to get certified in chemical application training so you meet industry standards, especially if you are selling your crop’s products. In fact, it is actually a strict requirement that those using restricted use chemicals are required to be certified, and work under direct supervision. However, this may not pertain to you if you do not have a large crop, but you can also take this course if you want to learn more about how to keep your crop safe from all things.

Identifying the Pest
The most important and smartest thing you can do is identifying what you’re dealing with before you start spraying chemicals. So first, identify the pest that is actually causing the damage, and identify which areas are being affected. In fact, it’s not even worth applying the chemical to treat something that doesn’t even exist; in this case, you’re just wasting your money and time.

Rule of thumb: avoid unnecessary spraying! This can create more problems rather than prevent them such as damage to un-harmful species, and chemical resistance. Once you have the pest identified, you can determine whether this pest is at a level that is causing damage, because only pests that are causing damage should be dealt with.

Helpful Fact: Understanding the life cycle of a pest will help you identify the proper time to apply your agricultural chemical method so you can achieve optimal results.

Selecting a Chemical
The agricultural chemical you choose is greatly important to the effect it will have on your crops. The best piece of advice would be to only use a chemical product that is registered, do not use chemicals that are off-label. Why? Because when using an off-label chemical you aren’t sure what you are dealing with and you don’t know what is exactly going on with your plants. It is advisable to make sure the chemical you are using can be used and what restrictions may be applied to their application method.